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Below are links to videos taken from our Professional Training Couse as detailed below. The videos offer an insider point of view of the CCTV security industry. We hold nothing back and we detail everything. We hope you find the information helpful.

How to Shop for Security Cameras How to Select the Right Camera How to Creat a Line-item Quote
How to Customize one of our Kits How to Turn a Quote into an Order How to Use the CCTV Kit Builder
How to Use the System Designer How to Use the Site Survey Form Using Google to Design a System
The Benefits of a CCTV Security System Components of a Coax Based System Components of a Cat6 IP System

We teach you everything you need to know to professionally design a system and provide a line-item quote for local homeowners and businesses. Your job is to operate as a consultant offering free system design advice. The process is simple:

When the customer places an order with us, you earn a double-digit referral fee based on the dollar amount of the purchase. The customer receives the support they need to make an informed decision, you earn a great referral fee, and we get a new customer.

We will teach you uncomplicated design techniques and provide you with online design and quoting tools that are easy to use and that generate custom quotes in minutes. It’s simple, fun and rewarding to help secure your community.

Work on your schedule and earn a great additional income. If you possess common knowledge of standard construction practices, are handy with electronics or have past professional experience in electronics, law enforcement or construction, then this is a fantastic opportunity for you.

Our consultants consistently earn $80-140 an hour in their spare time.

Let's be clear: This is not a sales job.

You are operating as a consultant by providing your best advice based on the training we provide. The goal is to support the customer, providing knowledge and confidence so that they can make an informed decision. You are simply guiding them through the process and helping them “Get it right the first time”, as our slogan goes.

Let's get started!

First register with BackStreet University (BSU) and complete the courses to earn certification. You will then be assigned a factory support representative and our marketing department will gear up to give you a local online presence and your custom consulting webpage. Your assigned factory representative will help you with each design until you are proficient and confident on your own.

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