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Multi Location Businesses, Corporations & Retail Chains

Multiple Business Locations

Are you a security manager for a corporate office with franchise locations or a business with multiple locations? If you are, our corporate services are essential to standardizing your security.

Managing multiple offices or retail stores in multiple locations usually means contracting to multiple security providers. Each recommends different equipment, uses different design and installation techniques and offers different levels of customer service. Managing such a mix of suppliers can quickly become a nightmare.

Our Corporate Services Standardizes Your Security Nationwide!

Standardized Design

Multiple Business Locations

While each of your locations may be unique in its construction or operation, it's likely your corporate security requirements are consistent at all locations. Standardizing your security services and limiting liability from one location to another all starts with system design concepts that are applied uniformly at all locations.

We are experts at applying uniform design principles from one location to another. Facilities may change in size and scope, but your security standards should not. The first step to developing a rock-solid design standard for your company starts with scheduling a design consultation with one of our experts. This service is offered for free with no obligation.

Standardized Pricing

Once the design standards are established, we'll apply them to each of your locations. Our experts will create a visual design detailing camera locations and coverage. Once approved, a line-item quote is generated, detailing the cost of each item with installation costs quoted separately. There's no smoke and mirrors with Backstreet. We show you exactly where every penny of cost is generated, unlike other suppliers who only quote a lump sum price.

All pricing is standardized nationwide, including installation and labor costs. The installed cost for the same design will be uniform nationwide. Uniform pricing you can budget for!

System Design & Line Item Quotes

Standardized Installation

Installation Technicians

We have a network of over 10,000 qualified IT installation professionals working for us nationwide. We set quality standards and manage the installation. You have one point of contact with us and we do all the rest. Our professional installers are held to the highest industry standards and do not get paid until the scope of work is 100% complete and we have confirmed with your on-site management and your corporate managers that all work is complete, the local managers have been trained and that we have met expectations.

Factory Direct User Support

Your local managers who are responsible for maintaining and managing the system have our full attention. If they have any questions, our toll-free support number connects them with a seasoned representative who can answer any questions and help with any needs, such as event searches or troubleshooting.

Tech Support Center

5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty

Our products are good, so good that we back them with the industry's longest warranty. If you have any system or equipment failure, a solution is just one quick call to our support center. Our technicians solve over 87% of all issues over the phone. However, if an item is identified as faulty, we ship a replacement to the location and schedule a technician to replace the faulty unit. The problem is solved with one call to us.

Real Case Studies

National Trucking Company

Trucking company case study

With twenty-four locations sprinkled across the country, this national big rig trucking company found itself with a mess of various camera systems installed in their facilities. Each local manager had approved camera installations based on their personal assessment of what camera coverage they needed. Some locations had forty to fifty cameras installed onsite while others had four to six cameras protecting these expansive facilities. There was no uniformity in coverage or performance. As managers came and left these facilities, the systems fell offline over time, simply because the person who knew how to access and maintain the systems was no longer there.


Backstreet was allowed to customize a standardization plan to provide the same level of coverage, security, and employee oversight at key locations within each facility. While each location had drastically different architecture and construction, the corporate-level managers had the same basic concerns at each location. A standardization plan was drastically needed. One of our design consultants met with the corporate security director and purchasing agent and devised the following design to be installed uniformly, nationwide, at all of their locations. This put the corporate-level managers back in control of their security nationwide.

First, the perimeter was addressed. The facilities include acres of ground, but fortunately, there are two to three gated entrances that funnel all visitors into the facility. These natural bottlenecks offer an opportunity to assign a camera at each entry point. The goal of these cameras is to document each vehicle, its license plates, and the occupants entering the facility. Now that we have identified each visitor at the entry points, the other cameras monitoring the perimeter and yard could be wide-angle cameras which would cover as much ground as possible. Their goal is to document where the visitor went and what they did.

While the interiors of each facility were different, they all had the same needs. The lobby and retail showrooms needed coverage to defend themselves from shoplifting and inventory shrinkage. This was achieved by locating two wide-angle dome cameras kitty-corner from each other in the retail area. The service desk and parts counters both needed a small wide-angle dome to document the interaction with customers and verify the movement of parts from the stock rooms. The parts delivery dock needed coverage to document the delivery of parts. The parts and inventory areas are quite large but no cameras were needed in these areas because the entry and exit points were adequately covered, documenting the movement of parts in and out. The shop and service areas are large high bay areas. One camera with an adjustable zoom lens was located in each corner of the area viewing into the center of the shop. This cost-effectively covered the work areas and minimized blind spots, while keeping the required camera count to a minimum.

System Design & Line Item Quotes

The company proceeded with the implementation of this design by grouping facilities located near each other into a single scope of work. Backstreet started with facilities located in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland & Washington DC (first scope of work) and the intermountain regions of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and eastern Washington (second scope of work). Backstreet coordinated the work with each local manager and managed the installation from start to finish. The technician, with specific instructions for each location, walked the site with the local manager confirming their needs and concerns would be met during the installation process. Once the equipment was installed, the on-site technician linked our technical support center to the system allowing them to program the system as the customer had requested. Our support center worked with their IT department to verify their security standards were met and their network integrity was maintained.

The corporate managers were remotely linked into each system so they could access, manage and verify events as needed. The local managers were trained on the use of the system and given our toll-free number for any questions or when support was needed.

While this process was in motion, the purchasing manager assigned to this project moved to a new company. Because of the standardization of the program, the new manager was able to step right into the position and the process continued without any interruption of service or delay. This is proof that the concept of a standardized program is effective and maintained even when key managers come and go.

National Amusement Park Chain

Amusement park security

A chain of wildly popular amusement parks had over two hundred aging surveillance systems, none of which were linked to a comprehensive management solution. Each system covered a specific section of the park and was managed by the department manager. The parks nationwide required a new approach to managing such an operation but most importantly they needed to standardize their security response and the monitoring of their visitors.

The solution was to replace the aging systems with a networked solution, giving their security departments the ability to monitor, track and identify specific visitors from one area of the park to another, in real time. The problem being that the parks had a database (images) of visitors who had been banned from the park for life due to their behavior, but there was no way to enforce the ban because there was no way to identify these individuals as they entered the facility. Backstreet and the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) to the rescue!

The solution was to upgrade all the antiquated coax-based systems to the latest PoE network camera technology. This put the corporate security department back in charge of the overall security response and released the department managers from the responsibility of managing the surveillance of their areas of responsibility. This standardized the overall security response and reduced the response time, assuring things did not get out of hand due to slow bottlenecked response procedures.

Employment Staffing Office Chain

Let's return to the interesting aspect of this case study; the banned visitors. As mentioned, the park had a database of images of banned-for-life visitors. But how can a park with thousands of visitors daily identify these individuals and respond in real time? The answer is you can't! Unless you use the advanced AI features built into our ProVue and Cyber Secure Series.

The advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) integrated into our software can identify and track a library of faces from one camera location to another in real time. The application was straightforward. Position a small wide angle 4K vandal dome to view each entry point. With our software, each camera can simultaneously identify up to 30 faces within its field of view. The system identifies the face and instantly compares it to either a White List Database or a Black List Database. If certain conditions are met, smartphone alerts with images are sent directly to the onsite security guards who respond in real-time. If an identified individual evades them, they can track their move moment from one area to the other for quick apprehension.

Black List Database

Each of the "banned for life" individual images is loaded into the system. This database is used to screen each park visitor as they enter. When the system detects a match, alerts are sent directly to specifically assigned response individuals. Assuming the cameras are correctly positioned, the system's matching accuracy is over 97%. Programming thresholds allows the user to customize the accuracy levels for alerts.

White List Database

This list matches approved individuals and alerts you if someone enters an area that is not in the database. This is great for employee entrances. Each employee is matched to the database as they enter. When an individual who is not in the database is detected, the system sends alerts warning of an unauthorized entry.

Other AI features help the park(s) manage visitor flow. The system can detect when people are massing in specific areas and will automatically alert managers of the situation so they can respond by assigning more employees to help with the workload. Other features include a "directional line cross" which will count individuals as they pass through programmed areas. The system will count the individuals and indicate which direction they are moving. This is incredibly useful for understanding visitor flow and assigning park resources based on visitor flow.

National Employee Staffing Chain

Employment Staffing Office Chain

An employee staffing chain has 35 locations nationwide. Each one is a small office without senior management. The problem was efficiently managing the workforce at each location. Did they arrive on time? Are they following procedures? Is unauthorized activity occurring? All challenges the corporate office needed to address.

The solution, is a Backstreet standardized employee management video system installed at each location with centralized corporate control. The offices are small only requiring two to four cameras per location for efficient operational oversight and activity monitoring. Corporate managers (undetected onsite) can log into any location to view live video and audio, and perform playback functions if an incident is reported. This solution is a cost-effective response to remote employee management and workforce liability claims such as sexual harassment and other he said, she said, they said claims. No more relying on your gut about who is telling the truth. Management responded with confidence because they confirmed the incident with remote video playback.

Campuses, Schools & Universities

School & University Security Camera Systems

We tend to think of a university or campus as one location with very challenging security needs. When you focus on the true nature of the organization. It looks a lot more like a large corporation with many different facilities performing many different services. Each with a department head who is more than capable of managing their buildings as their management style dictates. How do you accommodate so many different managers while maintaining your security and safety standards? With a campus-wide plan customized to provide uniform safety standards but being flexible to each department's needs and privacy expectations.

The smart way to achieve this goal is to treat each department as its operation but apply campuswide standards.

System Design & Line Item Quotes

The design allows each department and build manager to access the system right from their work computers, giving them an indispensable tool for managing students and the daily operation of the facility. The campus security command center has access to all the systems campus-wide, providing the ability to monitor any combination of cameras from any combination of buildings. This allows them to track a suspicious visitor throughout their movement on campus in real-time. Patrolling officers can view multiple live camera feeds right from their cell phones making any evading suspect easy to track and apprehend. The system, during its daily operation, captures all identified faces and stores them in a database. The database can then be searched for a visitor's profile, allowing the security department to confirm all locations of the campus an individual had visited.

System Design & Line Item Quotes

Submarine Manufacturing Chain

Submarine Manufacture Plant

Ok, you got us. We are not aware of any chain of submarine manufacturing plants. We included this example to showcase how flexible and diverse our corporate security design skills are. Yes, we have secured a submarine manufacturing plant. We have also secured a nuclear power plant, state department buildings, many police departments and several Air Force bases. Tens of thousands of businesses rely on our systems daily. The point is, we have the skills and expertise to design an effective security solution for you, using the latest technologies that will secure your facilities, ensure employee safety and protect corporate assets.

Your company may not have multiple locations but your security needs are just as important. Below are other markets we have profiled.

Property Management - Convenience Stores - Dams & Power Plants - Car Dealerships - Schools & Churches - Storage Facilities - Office Buildings - Manufacturing - Construction - Large Ranches & Farms - Federal & GSA


Nationwide our corporate program standardizes your company's security efforts with fixed pricing and uniform installation quality, all backed by award-winning customer service. Allow us to show you what customer service is all about.

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