Choosing the Right System

We offer two high-performance IP network-based series, ProVue and Cyber-Secure. Both systems are advanced, professional-grade technologies and offer unmatched performance. Below you will find detailed information about both series.

We also offer a coax-based series mainly used for retrofitting older analog systems. Click here for more information about Coax Based Systems.


ProVue Series
This series offers true value (lower cost + performance=Value). ProVue, launched in 2020, offers a large selection of cameras at a low price. The series offers the majority of features most customers are looking for: motion detection, audio, remote viewing & alerts. It is great for home and business applications.


Cyber Secure Series
This series is the newest technology and offers deep learning AI (artificial Intelligence). Equipped with this advanced AI technology, the system offers the most reliable motion detection features on the market - including human and vehicle detection. The AI allows the system to learn, becoming more accurate at detecting and responding to events as it operates.

The series also offers the highest level of cyber security, assuring that no weak access points can be exploited by remote cyber-attacks. The software allows you to hard-lock your system, ensuring that you and only you have remote access. The series is NDAA compliant, and we offer NDAA compliance certifications upon request.

ProVue vs. Cyber Secure - Features Explained

Below you will find a detailed explanation of features by series. This information will help you to make an informed decision based on your needs. Feel free to call us if you have questions - we’ll be glad to help.

Also consider our FREE System Design Service. This service cuts through the confusion and allows one of our experts to design a system that is custom to your application. As we like to say, “Get it Right the First Time”.

No Monthly Fees
Neither ProVue or Cyber Secure requires a monthly service fee. The only operational cost is a broadband internet connection if you plan to access the system through the internet or through a smartphone. Internet connection is not required for operation and is only required for remote access. All standard broadband services, including satellite, are adequate. A minimum of 5MB upload speed is recommended for fluid remote access. Other systems may require a static IP address (added monthly fee) for remote viewing. This is not the case with ProVue or Cyber Secure. Our P2P connection technology eliminates the need for a static IP address. The result is a short two-minute remote setup and the highest level of security.

Warranty & Support
We cover all equipment purchased from Backstreet with a bumper to bumper 5 year warranty; the longest in the industry with the option to extend it to a full 10 years. You also receive FREE lifetime technical support from our award-winning tech team with any purchase. Our extended support hours allow us to service our customers nationwide when they need help. We even offer weekend support by appointment. Who does that? We do!

extended support hours

IP & Network Based
Both ProVue and Cyber Secure are network based meaning the cameras are connected to the video recorder or a PoE switch (Power over Ethernet) with one Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 or Cat8 network cable. All these cables exceed the data requirements for a 4K camera. The only difference between the cables for our application is the maximum cable distance. For Cat5 Cables limit the distance for any single cable run to 220 feet, for the other cables the recommended maximum distance is 300 feet. We recommend using a standard Cat6e cable, this cable is cost-effective and high quality. The cameras are automatically assigned an IP address when connected to the system, simple plug-and-play.

Maximum Resolution
ProVue supports 2k (2 Megapixel or 1080p), 3K (5+ megapixel), and 4K (8 Megapixel) cameras and recording. Cyber Secure supports 2k, 3K and 4K+ cameras up to 12 Megapixels. The limitation of the video recording resolution is the maximum resolution of the camera. For example, a 3K camera will work on a 4K system but the quality of the recording will be limited to 3K; the resolution of the camera.


Certified NDAA & Remote Secure
While ProVue offers highly secure remote access features and meets all NDAA requirements, Cyber Secure takes it to a whole new level. Cyber Secure’s advanced software allows you to Hard-Lock your system, assuring you and only you have remote access. Cyber Secure is periodically tested to ensure changes to the Web or Internet Protocols have not created any weak remote portals that can be exploited by hackers. Upon request, we certify your Cyber Secure system is NDAA compliant.

Maximum Cameras
The ProVue system supports up to 64 4K cameras, connecting the cameras using the PoE ports on the NVR or adding PoE units. The Cyber Secure system supports up to 265 cameras with any combination of NVRs and PoE units. All manufacturers offer a selection of video recorders that support 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 channels. For example, if your system design requires 6 cameras, you would require an 8-channel video recorder. It's good advice to purchase the next size up because most systems add cameras within the first 12 months. If you have a need for more than 64 cameras, we would recommend two 64-channel recorders rather than one 128-channel. This provides equipment redundancy in case you experience an equipment failure and two 64-channel recorders have more processing power than a single 128-channel unit. The bottom line, you get better performance with two 64-channel units.

360 Degree Panoramic Cameras
Both ProVue and Cyber Secure supports the CS360-4K camera, a technology breakthrough in video surveillance. Brilliant because it reduces the number of cameras needed to cover an area and in some cases is a better choice than the traditional PTZ camera. The video below explains.

Motion Activated Alerts
Both ProVue and Cyber Secure systems can be programmed to send motion-activated alerts to your smartphone or remote computer. The alerts can be customized by time, date, and area of movement. Where the two series differ is how they detect motion. ProVue uses the time-tested pixel monitoring technique. When groups of pixels move together on the video feed the system detects motion and sends the alert. This technique is 70-80% accurate. Cyber Secure uses the latest AI technology and can accurately detect human and vehicle profiles. The system can track, identify and auto-respond to each profile in real-time. You can program one set of auto-response rules for vehicles and another for people. This technology is 99% accurate.

IP White List
Cyber Secure offers a new feature that locks out any potential hackers. The IP White List allows you to program your IP address as the only authorized remote user. All other IP addresses are ignored. This Hard-Locks your system and stops hackers dead in their tracks.

Color Night Vision
Both ProVue and Cyber Secure offers Color Night Vision features. Color Night Vision is the ability to stay in color video mode at night with some small level of ambient light present. If there is not enough ambient light the camera automatically switches to IR black and white night vision. Where the two series differ is the level of light needed to stay in color. ProVue requires a minimum light level of .01 LUX which is very low light. Cyber Secure requires less than .001 LUX (1000 times less than ProVue). Often this extremely low light operation allows the cameras to stay in color all night “24 Hour Color”. With other systems, if a camera does stay in color mode in low light the video becomes blurred. The advanced technology of Cyber Secure eliminates the blurring effect and provides freakishly crisp video at night.

Profile Detection

Facial ID and Tracking
Cyber Secure’s deep learning face detection system operates with incredible accuracy. Turning this feature on identifies and tracks all faces detected by the cameras. The faces are automatically stored in a database for easy verification of who has visited your facility. For example, you may want to know if an unidentified face enters your facility, yard or work area. The searchable database can identify all individuals by time and location.

Profile Detection

PTZ Cameras & Motion Tracking
Both ProVue and Cyber Secure support pan, tilt, zoom cameras. Both systems provide the ability to program custom tours and manual remote control with smartphones. However only Cyber Secure offers Motion Tracking. This feature automatically tracks movement by controlling a PTZ camera. The system automatically tracks a selected target type, such as cars or people. When the target type is detected, the camera pans, tilts and zooms to keep the target in perspective and in focus whether the target is 10 or 300 feet away. When the target moves out of the camera's range or the preprogrammed track time expires, the camera returns to a parked position and continues monitoring for the next target movement. ProVue is not equipped with this feature.

Profile Detection

Profile Detection
With Cyber Secure say goodbye to false alarms. The Profile Detection System detects motor vehicles and individual profiles. Each profile can be programmed for custom rules and alerts. The system can track, identify, and auto-respond to each profile in real time. You can have one set of auto-response rules for vehicles and another for people. ProVue is not equipped with this feature.

Profile Detection

Perimeter Alerts
Perhaps you want an alert if someone crosses a programmed perimeter area. If so, then Cyber Secure is your choice. The system allows you to draw a custom perimeter area on any camera's video feed and you’ll receive alerts each time the perimeter is crossed. This is great for guarding an area or monitoring an object. ProVue offers a similar feature called Line Cross. Line Cross allows you to draw a line on any video feed and when the line is crossed by an individual or vehicle, a recording can be activated, and an alert sent. This feature allows you to detect movement in specific directions and can even count how many individuals/vehicles crossed the line and in what direction they were going.

Profile Detection

People Counting
Cyber Secure is equipped with a people counting feature. It allows you to monitor register isles, break rooms, lobbies, customer service areas, etc. for crowding. The system can view an area, detect all human profiles, and count how many individuals are found in the video feed. Then send alerts if certain events occur. ProVue offers limited people counting using the Line Cross feature described above in Perimeter Alerts.

Profile Detection

Remote Management
Both ProVue and Cyber Secure offer remote management software (client software). This allows you to load the client software on multiple computers (PC & Mac) and manage one or multiple locations from a single screen. The software turns multiple standalone systems into a powerful integrated business management solution.

Profile Detection

Privacy Masking
Privacy masking is a feature which is used to protect personal privacy by concealing parts of the camera's view with a masked area. An example would be masking the windows of a residential property or personal space area. Each camera can support up to eight masked areas. Both ProVue and Cyber Secure cameras are equipped with this feature.

Profile Detection

Weather Ratings
Both ProVue and Cyber Secure cameras are made for the worst conditions. The cameras meet IP67 rating. This ensures the cameras are watertight and can literally be dropped in a bucket of water and still operate. Please note, this does not include the cable connection. All outdoor cable connections should be protected from the weather using the approved mounting box.

Profile Detection

PoE - Power Over Ethernet
All ProVue and Cyber Secure cameras are equipped with PoE. This allows one network cable, preferably Cat6 cable, to be pulled from the camera to a PoE unit or the video recorder. This single cable provides power to the camera and video back to the recorder. All control signals for PTZ cameras are also transmitted with this single cable, additional control cables are not required.

Profile Detection

Most ProVue and Cyber Secure cameras are equipped with a microphone. Our ProVue Pro90D-4k camera is a good example, see the video below. This allows for live remote audio monitoring and recording. If your local laws prohibit audio recording simply turn the feature off. The ProVue Porch-Cam, Cyber Secure CS-PorchCam and the CS360-4K are equipped with integrated speakers allowing for two way communication.


Video Storage & Cloud Solutions
All IP based video security systems record video to local hard drives, remote storage on a network or to the Cloud. 4K video requires a lot of hard drive space for recording. Standard video compression in the industry is h.264/265, this compression codec is used by 99% of all video recorders. It compresses the video files so the total hard drive space required can be reduced. It works well, but Cyber Secure's proprietary video compression codec reduces your file size 50% more with zero loss of clarity. This means with Cyber Secure you only need half the hard drive storage compared to ProVue and other systems for the same number of storage days. Our video storage calculator will calculate the size of the hard drive needed for the number of storage days desired.

Many systems are cloud-based. Cloud systems are primarily in place as a means to benefit the provider. Big corporations looking for recurring revenue (monthly fees) are often the advocates of pushing cloud-based systems. They sound good until you realize that streaming multiple 4K video feeds to the cloud causes some real bandwidth problems. Often the video is degraded from 4K (8 megapixels) to 1080p (2 megapixels) and frame rates are also reduced, causing robotic and choppy video. The result is the customer pays a monthly fee for ¼ of the performance that the cameras are capable of. Our ProVue system offers two channels of remote motion-activated storage to a Drop Box account allowing you to store two camera feeds off-site but as stated above the video quality and frame rates must be reduced for it to work. This is the case with ALL cloud systems.

There is a smarter solution to store video where an intruder cannot take it with them. Each ProVue and Cyber Secure camera is equipped with an onboard memory card slot. Simply add an SD memory card to any camera you want to have redundant recording. The camera will record to both the onboard memory card in the camera and the video recorder. If the recorder is stolen the video is still stored in the camera and can be retrieved remotely. This solves all the problems with Cloud systems. You have backup video (in 4K) of all activity for 1-2 weeks without a monthly fee.

We offer several storage options for both ProVue and Cyber Secure. Give us a call to discuss which solution is best for your application. We’ll be glad to design a solution to meet your budget and concerns. widget logo

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