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I’ve been in the security industry for 33 years (15 years installing and the other 18 in system design & application). Our Neighborhood Watch & Safety Program is the culmination of this experience.

With the increase in crime and budget cuts, law enforcement has limited resources and is often forced to regulate their response to certain crimes. Often, violent crimes are prioritized while crimes such as burglary, theft and vandalism are neglected. The police are not to blame, they are simply forced to manage what resources they have. However, this puts homeowners, HOA’s and residential communities in a compromised position of safety.

So how do homeowners and HOAs secure their communities, make their streets safe, secure their property, protect their family and motivate the police to make arrests? It starts with a plan.

1. Establish Decision Makers

From decades of attempting to generate a consensus among neighbors, we highly recommend you organize your neighborhood efforts by selecting a 1-3 person advisory board. Without this focused group, getting a decision for an neighborhood program is like herding cats...good luck.

Much like an organized HOA, a neighborhood can group together and make intelligent decisions which benefits the entire community more effectively than each home owner acting on their own.

But realistically nothing will come of the efforts without establishing the decision makers in advance and giving them authority to act for the group.

2. Make a Plan

Once the advisory board is selected, their first job is to establish a clear vision of goals for the community. With the goals clearly stated, their next step is to find industry expertise who can advise on what effective options are available to achieve the communities goals.

3. Budget

You know that guy who can get it done for half the price? We'll, have you noticed he never actually does it? I have spend 33 years watching "that guy" de-rail the good intentions of many neighborhood groups. Video surveillance is simple "you get what you pay for". If you are serious about securing your community, then properly budget for it. What many do not understand is, as a group, you have buying power! If you organize your community with a common goal you can afford to secure your streets with reliable, responsive security measures that work.

4. Implementation

Don't worry so much about the technology being used. The solution provider you choose is the key. No matter how much you study, you will never know the pitfalls and application techniques that an experienced security provider knows. Place most of your decision on the providers experience. They are the ones that have to make the technology selected effective.

Below are a few cost-effective solutions with proven track records that have been implemented in many neighborhoods around the country. If you would like a custom design for your neighborhood, give us a call, our experienced design experts will be glad to help.

Entry Point Surveillance

Oftentimes a cost effective solution to secure a neighborhood is to simply monitor the entry points. Below is a good example. There are only two entry points to this neighborhood. The area is remote so little to no foot traffic enters the area and when they do its through one of the two entry points.

By installing a Sentry-Cell unit at each of the entry points we document all vehicles, their occupants and license plates at each entry point. The only requirement is continuous power at the entry points. This particular application works well with a Sentry-Cell because the entries are equipped with landscape lighting which can be used to power the systems.

Sentry-Cell Neighborhood video surveillance system

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

When no power or communication options are readily available, mobile surveillance trailers might be the right answer. They are the most effective deterrence and the only solution that provides live response. The video feeds are monitored live at our monitoring center, when events require, the monitoring representative can broadcast live warning messages and if needed the police are dispatched. Trailers are the most expensive solution but also the most effective.

Below is an actual example of a trailer application. Three strategically positioned trailers provide 100% coverage of the entire neighborhood with live monitoring and dispatch.

Solar Surveillance Trailers securing a neighborhood

Distributed Cloud Cameras

The most cost effective solution is our cloud based cameras. Selected homes in the neighborhood are equipped with one or two cloud cameras. The cameras are positioned to view the street and walkways. Each camera uses the homeowner’s broadband internet connection to feed the video to our cloud surveillance system. The cameras located throughout the community can be accessed as one comprehensive neighborhood wide video surveillance system. Anyone in the neighborhood with the login credentials can access the system using a browser, computer or smart phone. The camera feeds can be viewed live and recorded video clips can be downloaded for storage.

Cloud Cameras securing a neighborhood

The strategically located cameras become a comprehensive neighborhood surveillance system which allows unwanted visitors to be tracked throughout the community. This design is cost effective but requires select residence to agree to provide the location and broadband connection for the camera. The upload data is so small none of the residence with the cloud cameras connected to their broadband service notice any speed change or slowing of the service. If you would like to discuss possible solutions for you community, give us a call, we'll be glad to help.

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  1. (Cloud-100LTE) White PoE Cloud Camera
    Installation Included!
    • Indoor/Outdoor vandal dome IP camera with a 110 degree wide angle view, wall or ceiling mount. Streams 2K video to the cloud, PoE equipped. 100ft COLOR Night Vision
  2. (Cloud-100BLTE) Black PoE Cloud Camera
    Installation Included!
    • Indoor/Outdoor vandal dome IP camera with a 110 degree wide angle view, wall or ceiling mount. Streams 2K video to the cloud, PoE equipped. 100ft COLOR Night Vision
  3. (Cloud-130MZ) 4k Cloud Dome - Zoom Lens
    Installation Included!
    • Indoor/Outdoor vandal dome IP camera with motorized zoom lens, wall or ceiling mount. Streams up to 4K video to the cloud, PoE equipped. 130ft COLOR Night Vision
  4. (Cyber-Cell) Cellular Outdoor CCTV Control, Supports 8 Cameras
    • Construction Site Video Surveillance Control. Wireless Remote Access Anywhere. Requires On-site Power
    Special Price $1,999.00 Regular Price $2,899.00
  5. (Sentry-Cell) Cellular Wireless Outdoor 8 Camera Control
    • Remote 4K Video Surveillance System. View live & 4K recorded video from anywhere.
    Special Price $1,999.00 Regular Price $2,999.00
  6. Sentry-Lite Mobile Surveillance Trailer
    Cost Effective Crime Deterrence
    • Compact, low-cost, 4K Video Surveillance Trailer. View live & recorded 4K video anywhere. Supports (3) Active Deterrence PTZ cameras. No Talk-down Speakers.
  7. Sentry-Pro Mobile Surveillance Trailer
    Customers #1 Choice
    • Compact, high performance, 4K Video Surveillance Trailer. Supports (4) PTZ Cameras & 120dB Talk-down Speakers. Solar-powered with (4) days of battery backup.
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